Memico is committed to provide its customers with distinguished products and services by quick responding to cover all customers’ requirements , Memico has produced its latest high quality Cable Support Systems or (Cable Trays) according to the latest International Standards as :

Cable Basket       Cable Tray        Cable Trucking

Floor Boxes        Cable Ladder

As :

1 – Cable Tray is manufactured from cold galvanized sheet or hot galvanized sheet with thickness from 0.8mm up to 2mm. then

Electrostatic paint is made as required

2 – We use CNC machines to make all kinds of holes according to the required specifications.

3 – Our company manufactures all accessories for cable tray from covers, connectors, joint, style and others.

4 – Our company also manufactures all the supports required to install the cable tray whether the installation on the wall or hanging or on the floor.


  • Material : Steel
  • Protected against corrosion
  • Finishes & Coating

1 – Hot Dip Galvanized Steel after fabrication according to DIN 50976
2 – Pre Galvanized Steel according to DIN 17162

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