Ring Main Units – ME6 – SF6 LBS

The Type Of The R.M.U. Is Memico Under License of  ( RB ITALY ) .ME6 cubicles have successfully passed all the type tests requested by the international and national

standards ( IEC, CEI, Chinese Standard GB 3804-90, GOST Russia ) in officially acknowledged testing laboratories;

– Switch disconnector stainless steel body earths every dangerous electric discharge;

– Sealed for life SF6 filled switch disconnector;

– SF6 pressure guage;

– Class E3 electrical endurance, 100 breaking current operation;

– Class M2 mechanical endurance, 5000 operations;

– High electrical performance up to 800 A;

Inspection window enables visual check of contacts;

– Reduced maintenance under normal operating conditions.

Full Metal Enclosures .so, the protection against the spread of fire is achieved by the metal segregation of the compartments and the use of self-extinguishing insulating materials.