Retrofit solutions of medium voltage circuit breakers by replacing the old C.B. with a new vacuum circuit breaker

The retrofit solutions of medium voltage circuit breakers using vacuum circuit breaker.

The retrofit is carried out in such a way that the conventional circuit breaker is replaced with a retrofit kit.

The interlock mechanism which prevents improper operation and withdrawal of the breaker is Retained to enhance the safe operation of the unit.

1.Benefits gained from MEMICO Retrofit Solutions

a) Reliable, safe, environmentally and friendly switching medium (Vacuum).

b) Interlock mechanisms to improve operation and safety.

c) The insulation system, operating mechanism and vacuum interrupter are maintenance free. No maintenance is required for the retrofitted circuit breaker.

2. Applicable Standards

The equipment proposed in this offer has been designed, manufactured and tested in accordance with the relevant IEC Recommendations.

  • Common clause for high voltage alternating current circuit breakers IEC 62271-100,200